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MedAds Media Projects Double Growth for MedsHD by Year-End

Press Release Distribution Report

  • PR Value = RM 81 ,000.00 
  • Potential Audience Reached = 508342.3 K
  • Total Placement = 16 outlets
Guaranteed Coverage
  • PR Value = RM 75,000.00
  • Total Placement = 10 outlets
Complimentary Coverage
  • PR Value = RM 6,000.00
  • Total Placement = 6 outlets

The MedAds Media’s MedsHD press release campaign showcases the platform’s growth, influence, and commitment to ethical healthcare communication. With an expanding network and a unique value proposition, MedsHD is poised to revolutionize healthcare communication and make a lasting impact on healthcare information delivery in the years to come.

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