REV Marketing Partner

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One of Medkad subsidiaries, MedAds Media Sdn. Bhd. have struck a partnership with Rev Media Group (RMG) & Dattel Asia Group (DAG) as one of their marketing partners. With over 15 million unique visitors in all of RMG networks consisting of dozens of local news and entertainment portals, reaching up to 80% of Malaysia's population every month, this partnership will help SMEs to benefit from their advertising platform.

With a rate of as low as RM1000, now SMEs no longer have to randomly market their product to find potential clients, as the RMG platform will let them target the market very specifically, all thanks to the AI engine developed by DAG, with a guaranteed reach of 100,000 unique audiences in a campaign.

Gone is the day where a business have to process data manually and then plan the marketing traditionally. If you are a business owner, you should really look into this, because this is truly the future of advertising. And if you're interested, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.