MedFit - Virtual Challenge (Run @ Ride)

MedFit is a virtual challenge event organized for MedKad users who are interested in promoting their physical and mental wellbeing through a fun and engaging experience. Medads Media has been tasked with the role of event coordinator, promotion and publicity, and audio-video production.

The primary objective of the MedFit Virtual Challenge Event is to encourage participants to adopt healthy lifestyle habits while raising awareness about the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity. This year, Medads Media aims to make the event more inclusive and engaging by introducing two categories for the participants, 5KM or 10KM ride.

The MedFit Virtual Challenge Event is an exciting opportunity for MedKad users and fitness enthusiasts to engage in a fun and engaging activity that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. With the support of Medads Media, the event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, attracting hundreds of participants from all over the world.