MedFit MedFit – Virtual Challenge (Run @ Ride) MedFit is a virtual challenge event organized for MedKad users who are interested in promoting their physical and mental wellbeing through a fun and engaging experience. Medads Media has been tasked with the role of event coordinator, promotion and publicity, and audio-video production. The primary objective of […]

Medicart Pharmacy

About Us Advertising Project Contact About Us Advertising Project Contact Medicart Pharmacy Medicart Pharmacy is a modern pharmacy chain that aims to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions to communities across the region. Medads Media was tasked with creating a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign for the launch of the new pharmacy, including branding, […]

Wang Tidak Dituntut – JANM

To produce these videos, we took part in a tender bid in the government’s EPerolehan tender system and were selected as the vendor to supply the videos. In order to complete this project, we expanded our team to include a full production package, including green screen shooting and graphic effects, as planned in our storyboard presented to the video committee. After several discussions with the client, the storyboard and script were approved and production planning began. We managed to deliver all 10 videos on schedule.